Edit the page to add the member who you would like to be a lieutenant. The nomination process isnt too strict so you can nominate more than one person if you wish, however please dont nominate yourself.

I'd make some nominations, but most of the guildies I play with regularly are already Lieuentants! - Ursarix

Yeah.. same here.. Xex, Ed, Ur - Gouda

dont forget Autumn =) - ED

I was thinking that the ranking system could be revisited; possibly something like GM, Lieutenant (class leaders?), 2nd Lieutenant, Lieutenants alts (all these ranks have access to officer chat), Honored Member (people who've been with us for a while, but aren't lieutenants), Members, Members alts, Beginners/New Members. Although obviously not with those names! - Ursarix

ye i can only agree on that... now that im leader i will try to make some changes to the better... hope u all enjoy helping me choose the right.. - ED